Consulting Services

Alkemy Innovation, Inc., an engineering company with a well-developed acumen in crafting process analytical technology (PAT) and data analytics solutions for the pharmaceutical, life science and related industries. The company works with clients to identify opportunities to implement these solutions that will ultimately drive innovation and growth while reducing costs. 

Alkemy Innovation provides technical support for design, implementation, and execution of science-based solutions that provide specific technical guidance.


  • Business-aligned data strategy development and implementation

  • Data strategy training/workshops

  • Data analytics and modeling software selection and implementation

  • Batch analytics projects using the Seeq workbench and Alkemy Innovation software modules

  • Technology assessments of process analytical technologies (PAT)

  • Continuous processing technology evaluations

  • Bioprocess set-up and optimization

  • Scale-up/scale-down process development strategy

Recent Projects

  • Development and execution of a client-specific Data Digitalization Workshop focused on developing a vision and roadmap for moving into new technology spaces, including team creation, the identification of specific activities, and a plan forward - Large Pharma

  • Technical and business-focused collaboration for developing a data analytics strategy, with emphasis on developing and implementing the Seeq software application to support specific water quality data analysis in the Pharma Quality Sterility Assurance/ cGMP Manufacturing field - Pharma Technology Supplier

  • Data analytics strategy implementation with emphasis placed on achieving fully connected data historians (e.g., DeltaV and PI) with a range of analytical data sources used to guide bioprocess scale-up and scale-down model development - Mid-Size Biotech
  • Digital data analytics strategy development, with emphasis on developing and implementing software applications to support data analysis for Media Development Services - Life Sciences Service Provider / Large Biotech

From Data to Direction.

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