Alkemy Innovation provides technical support for design, implementation, and execution of science-based solutions that provide specific technical guidance.

Example Activites:

  • Design

    • Architecture for Data Management Strategy; Design visual layout, including plan for access/use of data.

    • Tool Selection Strategy; Review and recommend tools for data collection/management.

    • Measurement Approach;  Develop on-line/at-line measurement strategy to support predictive model development. Includes review of planned hardware purchases (e.g., new bioreactor installation).

    • Modeling Approach;  Define physical situation, inputs required, and plan for model verification/validation.

  • Implementation/Start-up

    • Data Management Architecture; Implement to enable full data access and visualization.

    • Development of Predictive Models; Utilize data scientist approach to develop models (e.g., control).

    • Technology Assessments; Support implementation of new technologies.

  • Longer Term Execution

    • Tuning of Existing Models;  Enable further improvements in product quality and process robustness.

    • Creating “Golden Batch” Monitors; Leverage the tools implemented (e.g., add early warning detection).

    • Automation of Repetitive Tasks; Utilize existing architecture to automate key reporting.

    • Support for Tuning Installation; Automation of repeated analysis tasks and reporting for
      future reference (software focus).

From Data to Direction.

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