Product Offerings: 

The Challenge:

Pharmaceutical companies continue to invest significant resources in the development of their pipelines, generating significant data assets in the process. Data assets often go unutilized resulting in wasted resources and time. Learnings are difficult to capture and track long-term.

‘The way we develop our medicines has dramatically changed; The way we analyze the data needs to evolve as well.’

The Solution: 

The Biotech Lab Module and the Pharma Engineering Module (developed in partnership with Seeq):

Enabling scientists to effectively access, analyze, and summarize non-continuous, batch-focused data for:

  • Effective Work Processes: Support workflows execution through analysis and reporting.  
  • Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Management: Streamline cross-group access to maximize use of existing data and share results. 
  • Optimized Use of Time and Key Resources: Minimize rework or avoid unnecessary experimentation.
  • Better Science and Engineering: Ask the right questions at the right time.

Providing scientists and engineers with:

  • A centralized, single location to overlay multiple experiments and/or multiple conditions from within an experiment.
  • Automated file transfer from off-line instruments to eliminate cutting and pasting of various data files into spreadsheets.
  • Easy batch definition with the ability to search by key metadata about the experiments.
  • Automated templates to create standard data views and calculations for quick routine analysis, tied in with report generation.

Biotech Lab Module: Changing How we Develop Medicines

Biotech Lab Module: Changing How We Develop Medicines


Product Solution Briefs:

  • Media Development Screening
  • Bioreactor Scale-Up/Scale-Down
  • Downstream Process Optimization


  • Batch Crystallization Optimization
  • Filtration Cycle Development
  • Tablet Coating Process Development
  • Fluid Bed Granulation or Coating Operations


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