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    The way our medicines are developed has changed... the way we gather and analyze the data needs to

    Crafting process analytical solutions and data analytics solutions to bring data analytics into the forefront

    Business acumen and extensive technical expertise to see the project through from the research phase to the patient

    San Francisco, CA, April 22-27, 2018
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Delivering scientific expertise to support the advancement of patient-focused therapies

Technology for supporting innovative molecule design, streamlined process operation, target measurements, timely analytics, and robust data management has advanced greatly in the past 10 years. The industry now has both the opportunity to create the data it needs and to harness the human and machine power to efficiently extract direction from it. The right data analytics solution is not a collection of individual applications reserved for just a few ‘expert’ individuals within a company. 

Overview: The vision and opportunity in getting direction from data

Alkemy Innovation Inc. is an engineering company providing direct technical support of operations, while also developing science-based software solutions that provide specific technical direction and guidance from data. Current focus is on the pharmaceutical industry where better, faster data access and real-time overlay of time-based variables is crucial for activities such as:

  • Rapid troubleshooting
  • Streamlined R&D planning and implementation
  • Predictive model development
  • Optimized manufacturing processes.

Opportunities abound, not only for more efficient experimental planning and execution by scientists, but also for more advanced “smart” models that can be implemented to make processing more effective (i.e., producing the desired product quality and quantity). Innovation is required, and possible, with the right attention paid to specific items, including:

  • Sample and data management, upstream and downstream.
  • Continuous manufacturing opportunities.
  • On-line measurements combined with at-line analysis (and on-line).
  • Correlation of product quality to key process variables.
  • Model-based, predictive, process control.
  • Automation of repeated analysis tasks and reporting for future reference.

Partnering with Alkemy Innovation offers an effective way to achieve:

  • Increased Day-to-Day Individual & Team Productivity
  • More Timely Responses to Clients and Internal Queries
  • Elimination of Unnecessary Experimentation
  • More Insightful Q&A Leading to Smarter Conclusions Leading to Shortened Development Timelines

Share your problem statements and your data with us… we’ll support your short-term analysis needs, while delivering on your long-term strategy for implementing scalable technology-based solutions for your team.

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